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Monday, November 20, 2006

Double Murderer Will NOT Be Allowed to Brag About Being a Double Murderer

Suck it Simpson.

I watched most of this trial with my Dad over the summer between High School graduation and starting college. I remember hearing people in my dorm cheer when he was found not guilty. One of my friend's professor's put it best: "I think the LAPD framed a guilty man."

OJ Simpson was found responsible for the two deaths in a civil trial and should be living in a gutter but for the fact that he has hidden his financial assets so that they can't be claimed to pay the civil damages. It is entirely appropriate that he should not be allowed to benefit from his crime.

The OJ Simpson trial was a sad example of American justice. It illustrated that if you have money you can buy injustice. Simpson's lawyers convinced an intellectually weak jury that an obviously guilty man was innocent. The incompetent LA district attorney's office could not convict a guilty man with a mountain of evidence. As Chris Rock said, "If OJ was poor he'd be Orenthal the Bus-driving murderer." Sad, sad, sad.

He'll get his.

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