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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Allen's Slide Continues

Webb is peaking and Allen is tanking at just the right time.

George Will, a real conservative, pounds on Allen today in his column. (Here's another shot at our future former "Senator".)

The number of analysts who think Virginia will go to Webb is growing. The odds of a Webb win went from around 30% to 60% on in one day.

Momentum is on our side and we need to keep working to make sure Webb wins!

I believe that the Democrats will win PA, OH, RI, MT and yes Virginia! I don't think the Republicans will pick up MD or NJ. I think TN is a lost cause. So, control of the Senate will come down to Missouri (that's Missouri, not Missour-a). But, Missouri is the Missourians problem, we need to take care of Virginia.

So get back to work!


PS: Raising Kaine is reporting that Allen is broke.

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Congratulations, Senator-Elect Webb!

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