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Monday, October 23, 2006

Why I'm an Independent

I'm a hard core Jim Webb supporter. I am doing my damnedest to make sure he is elected on November 7th.

I am not doing this because I am a Democrat (because I am not). I am not doing it because I hate Republicans (I do not - although I do think it is time they were ousted from power). I do it because I believe Jim Webb will perform his duties as a Senator in a manner far superior to George Allen. I believe Jim Webb will represent the interests of the people of Virginia and the United States better that George Allen will or has.

Why do I not count myself among the declared partisans?

Here's one reason: The more partisan you are the more you believe "your team" is right and you lose the importance of anything but winning.

Here's another reason: Why would I want to sign on to supporting institutionalized corruption? (Let's not forget that in 1994 it was institutionalized corruption that lost the Democrats Congress as well.)

So, when you vote this fall, forget about the R or D behind the name and which one of those parties (if either) that you call your own. The only thing that matters is that Jim Webb will be a better advocate for Virginians and all Americans. Most especially those in the military as well as our struggling middle class, the poor, and all the others who have been left behind by the Republican agenda over the last several years.

Be independent, vote for Jim Webb.

To contribute to Jim Webb for Senate, click
Bloggers for Webb or
Phone from Home for Jim Webb

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