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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Timpani Roll!

Yep, I totaled 104 calls today. One highlight was when I spoke to a woman who had heard some of the Allen negative "Women Can't Fight" spin and I explained to her that Jim Webb is completely comfortable with the roles of women in the military today and that, as Navy Secretary, he fought sexual harassment and opened up more operational billets than any other Navy Secretary in history. After that she said she would be voting for Webb and thanks for clearing that up for her.

You see? This is the kind of thing you can accomplish with phone banking. You can inform people so they can make their decision based on facts, not lies. Everybody should give this a try and see what a difference you can make. Most people I've spoken to support Jim Webb and are glad to hear from us.

Give it a chance, the vote you sway could decide this election.

PS: Tomorrow I am going to try phone banking from home. Hopefully, I can let people see that this is an easy way to support Jim Webb in your spare time.

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