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Monday, October 30, 2006

Timpani Roll: Back in NOVA!

I made 122 calls from home today!

The Phone from Home for Jim Webb switched to purely Get Out the Vote today. The amazing thing is that I thought it was easy before! Now it is ridiculously easy!

Now we are calling people who are likely Webb voters which makes the process even easier. The script is shorter too so you can do more in less time. (I could have pushed up my numbers but the leaf blower brigade was working outside my door today for about 30 minutes).

Now Phone from Home is so easy their is no excuse not to do it. (The top 5 callers as of 5:40pm had made over 600 calls! That's just the top 5 and there is a lot of time left in the day!)

So get to it!

In other great news, 2 polls came out today showing Jim Webb in the lead!

This news should motivate us to push even harder! It's time to leave no doubt.

We can win this one convincingly if we all do our part!


Update: Make that 3 polls.

Update 2: Make that 4 polls.

Update 3: RealClearPolitics has Webb leading and Tradesports has shifted from 32% to 52% in favor of Webb.

To contribute to Jim Webb for Senate, click
Bloggers for Webb or
Phone from Home for Jim Webb

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