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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is the Future, Hopefully

CNN has Andrew Sullivan and David Gergen on talking about Iraq.

They are talking about the Fareed Zakaria article I wrote about yesterday. They are both advocating the redeploy and bring in Iran, Syria, etc strategy.

That would be Jim Webb's strategy.

It is also what WILL happen when the Democrats (including Jim Webb) take control of Congress.

Otherwise, its more of the same for at least two more years.

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Comments on "This is the Future, Hopefully"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:57 AM) : 

It will be worst than more of the same. The media has not been able (or is unwilling) to accurately report on the dire situation in IRAQ....Rumsfeld is being forced to send additional troops b/c it's getting desperate.

On Oct 10 inusrgents took out Camp Falcom in Baghdad (killing dozens of our trrops and American civilian/contractors and wounding 90 others (The Pentagon has not yet released these figures)

AND Billions of dollars of munitions and tanks were destroyed...the munitions used to supply our troops in Baghdad and central Iraq....

So...IF the Dems don't get elected....We'll stay in Iraq...start a war on Iran and then China and Russia will enter the fray to defend their ally Iran...It's a worst case scenario...Buzz...Buzz....Mosquito


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