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Friday, October 13, 2006

Phone from Home Friday

I only made 71 calls today. A little disappointing but every call helps. I had a little computer trouble and that slowed me down but all-in-all, not bad.

Speaking of computers, a commenter on a "Phone from Home for Jim Webb" story that I put on Daily Kos had the following comment:
"Let me just add one thing. People like me, who call from home and have to use the same line for calling and for Web access, can also do this. We just request that the assigns (people to call) be sent. My list is then displayed on the screen and also sent to me by email. So I can print it and do my calls offline. I also print lots of the answer sheets (a sample came with the initial instructions) and use those to document the calls. Then I get online to record the results."
See? People with all types of set-ups can do this.

This weekend is the perfect time to start.

Let's get to it!

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