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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not a Politician

But that's one of the things we like about Jim Webb, right?

The Washington Post has a story up that details Jim Webb's reluctance to use both his military service in Vietnam and his son's service in Iraq as political tools to help him get more votes.

Now, while I would like to see every advantage pressed in this race, you have to respect that.

God forbid we elect someone who doesn't bring their personal life into a race. Jim Webb is running on issues, competence, and character. Those are strengths. We need to remove one stuffed-shirt, empty-headed, unaccomplished politician (I'm talking about Allen if this is too subtle for you) and replace him with a highly competent, independent citizen-legislator - what our government is supposed to be composed of.

Don't we have too many politicians who are afraid of doing the right thing in DC already? Don't we have too many Senators who are directed by their ambition for the Presidency? (Virginia certainly has one too many of these.)

Jim Webb won't legislate that way. He is a scholar and he will study the issues and make the best decision for Virginia and this country.

George Allen only makes the best decisions for his party and himself.

Had enough?

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Comments on "Not a Politician"


Anonymous John David Washington said ... (3:54 AM) : 

George Allen is a racist, misogynistic, self-hating Jew, who despises blacks, minorities, women, and gays. This can all be overwhelmingly proven by facts that are abundantly covered all over the internet, television, and in the printed media.

He is all the more dangerous because as a Jew he should know better. But then again, Adolph Hitler was exactly like him.

If the American people in Virginia elect this monster, then it is an indication that we as a nation have learned nothing from 200 years of fighting racist, misogynistic, sexist, megalomaniacs like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Pinochet, etc in countless wars that have killed tens of millions of Americans.

A victory for George Allen in Virginia, the heartland of the United States, would officially mean the end of America as we know it, and the open beginning of a tyrannical, elitist, oppressive, despotism that our Founding Fathers ran from Europe in order to flee.

In other words, America as we know it, and what it stands for, will officially be defunct and finished.


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