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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Meta-Post: Media Dump

Here's what I'm reading now that I've nothing left to do today:

WaPo says George Allen not a johnnie-come-lately to being racist.

Independent Green candidate for Virginia Senate Gail "for Rail" Parker is considering dropping out of the race and endorsing Webb or Allen. Enjoy her jingle (There are not enough jingles in politics anymore. I guess nothing catchy rhymes with "gay marriage" or "Bush sucks".)

George Allen is apparently OK with sexual assault.

Carbon diet?

Michael J Fox talks about how great it is to have Parkinson's so he can play it up for the cameras. (PS: I try not to swear on this blog so I will refrain from saying what I think Rush Limbaugh is.) (But it rhymes with "ouchebag".)

"What Osama Wants" by Peter Bergen. When Bergen talks about al-Qaeda, it is worth reading.

One of the biggest problems with our current Administration is the fear of talking to our enemies like Iran (which we need to do to help ease us out of Iraq), and North Korea (you know, because of the nuclear weapons).

Enjoy. Next week I'll get back to actually writing posts again.

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