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Monday, October 02, 2006

Meta-Post: Insaniest Week Ever

Holy freakin' God!

Can't I leave you people alone for a week?

So, let me review (for my own benefit) everything that happened while I was on vacation (which was delightful - thank you for asking). BTW, I'm a little rusty from a week off so I may not be able to sugarcoat my pure, righteous contempt as much as I usually do.

People seem to be trampling each other to tell or confirm stories regarding "Senator" Allen's repeated and gratuitous use of the N-word.

One of those stories says that "Senator" Allen (the quotes around "Senator" just look more appropriate every day don't they?) cut the head off of a deer and stuffed it in the mailbox of a black family. Sweet merciful crap! If this is true, not only should Allen not be a Senator but he should be fitted for one of these:

Furthermore, it seems that Allen was in hiding until he emerged from his Wadhams/LaCivita cocoon to get a reach around - I mean "interview" - from Fox News host/Republican shill/all around tool, Sean Hannity. How can a news provider have any credibility when one of it's "stars" puts on such an obvious free campaign commercial disguised as an interview? This thing really disgusted me. It reminded me of the question Lisa was forced to ask Mr. Burns when he ran for Governor on "The Simpsons": "Mr. Burns, you're campaign has the momentum of a run-away freight train. Why are you so popular?" Fox News seems determined to rocket past partisan and straight to "cartoonish super-villain".

The dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty Allen camp decided to start a bull$#!# rumor that Jim Webb used to terrorize Watts in his younger days. Scary story...if it was true. Apparently (although, unsurprisingly), its not true. People who would have been witnesses have said its not true and (here's the beauty part) the recording of the accuser's interview with Webb where he allegedly told this story is missing the part where Webb allegedly told this story. This is pathetic. It illustrates the panicked death throes of the Allen campaign. To quote our future Senator Jim Webb, "Keep trying, George."

The Virginia black caucus is endorsing Webb.

The new Mason-Dixon poll puts the race at a dead heat 43% to 43%. An incumbent polling at 43%? That sound you hear? That would be Team Allen pissing their pants. Better come up with a new smear campaign, boys.

This may be my favorite story of the whole week: one of the female Naval Academy grads who had decried Jim Webb for his 1979 "Women Can't Fight" article has decided to endorse him after personally talking to him. I just think this is cool. Good for everyone on this one. (Oh, wait. Except Allen.)

The latest National Intelligence Estimate was leaked to the NYT and confirmed what common sense has told most everyone else - the War in Iraq is causing an increase in global terrorism. Then President Bush declassified it despite the fact that, according to him, these leaks keep emboldening the terrorists. Oh, and also despite the fact that the NIE counters the bull$#!# that the Bush Administration says about the Iraq War making us safer! This was a huge story. Huge. Unfortunately, it got kicked to the back burner when it was found that:

A FREAKING PEDOPHILE WAS THE REPUBLICAN CHAIRMAN OF THE HOUSE CAUCUS ON MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILDREN!!!! Oh and then we found out that THE HOUSE GOP LEADERSHIP NEW ABOUT IT AND DID NOTHING!!!!! Do we really even need anymore arguments to explain why these people have forfeited their right to govern our country? Who can actually think that this type of crap is good for our country? When American children are not safe even in the (Republican administrated) Capital of the United States, how can we trust them with any other facet of National Security?

Bob Woodward published a book detailing the level of incompetence with which the Bush administration prosecuted the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and, well, name something that they haven't f***ed up.

Oh, and I enjoyed this RK post immensely. Very inspiring.

Alright, I'm sure that I've missed some things and, if I have, please feel free to enlighten me. However, that's enough of a recap for me. On to the next round of crazy crap!

Oh, and Vote Webb!

Update: A commenter reminds me that "The Managing Editor of the Washington (white supremacist) Times was outed BY HIS WIFE as a white supremacist racist."

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Wow.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:24 AM) : 

Don't forget...

The Managing Editor of the Washington (white supremacist) times was outed BY HIS WIFE as a white supremacist racist.

Yeah, Salvador Dali now rules the universe. Surreal.


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