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Sunday, October 08, 2006

M-Word, J-Word, N-Word, C-Word Day 1

[That would be "corrupt", BTW.]
"In interviews, Allen and his staff sought to play down his corporate dealings, saying they were a good learning experience but did not lead to extraordinary riches - except for a quarter-million-dollar windfall from Com-Net Ericsson stock."
Oh, well, if it was only $250,000 he got you could hardly call that corrupt. Hardly worth the effort.

The defense of this seems to be that it doesn't matter that he didn't disclose his conflict of interest because he didn't profit from it (except for the aforementioned $250K). What this tells me is that not only is George Allen a corrupt official, but he is a bumbling corrupt official. (George "of the Bungle" Allen.) Not being good at being unethical is no excuse for being unethical.

This is more important than the racism because this lack of disclosure is illustrative of how unfit Allen is to actually perform the job of Senator. He acts in his own interests instead of in the unterests of his constituents. (Example: Allen voted 14 times against funding for ethanol until he realized that he needed Iowa farmers to vote for him if he was going to be President, then he voted twice for it.)

Once again Allen has proven he is unfit for the Senate.

PS: I can't wait to hear the Allen camp explain how this is all an attack from the Webb campaign and can't we please get back to talking about issues that effect Virginian's lives, like the article Jim Webb wrote 27 years ago?

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