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Monday, October 30, 2006

Iraq, Iraq, Iraq

Fareed Zakaria has an extensive cover story in Newsweek detailing a plan for a way forward in Iraq. [Emphasis mine.]
"But the way out of this stalemate is not to pack up and go home. That will surely result in a bloodbath or worse. The United States must redefine its mission, reduce and redeploy its forces and fashion a less intrusive involvement with Iraq, one that both Iraqis and Americans believe is productive and sustainable for the long term."
Do yourself a favor and read it. As always, Zakaria is illuminating.

In other news, the Bush Administration's National Security advisor is making a surprise visit to Iraq (not much has changed in the last month), the 100th American service person has been killed in Iraq this October.

2813 killed, 21077 wounded.

Had enough?

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