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Monday, October 02, 2006

Good Poll Numbers for Senate Democrats in General and Virginia Specifically

The Democrats just keep inching towards a total retake of Congress.

"Dems could take Senate"

Jim Webb is dead even with Allen

The best numbers for Webb in the Virginia poll (IMO) are:

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?

Approve: 21% Disapprove: 69%

Which ONE of the following issues will be MOST important in determining your vote for U.S. Senate this year:

#1. IRAQ 23% (When you combine this with Do you approve or disapprove of the Bush administration’s policies in Iraq? Approve: 36% Disapprove: 62%, and consider that Allen is Bush's lapdog - especially when it comes to Iraq - this is very favorable for Jim Webb. The #1 issue for Virginians tilts heavily toward Webb.)

#8. GAS PRICE/ENERGY 1% (Only 1% of Virginians are concerned about gas prices. This can probably be interpreted as people getting used to higher energy prices coupled with the recent decrease in gasoline prices. This is, in general, good for Republicans because, if people were concerned about gas prices, they would take it out on the incumbents. However, I say this can still be interpreted positively for Webb. Why? George Allen has been trying to promote his hypocritical "energy independence" plan as his main "positive, constructive" idea. Apparently, nobody cares. Alternatively, nobody believes an "energy independence" plan put forward by a "Senator" who has done jack-all-squat for energy independence in the past, is in the pocket of Big Oil, and voted to give massive tax breaks to an industry with record profits.

Generally speaking, would you say things in the country are heading in the right direction, or are they are off on the wrong track?

It will be interesting to see if Allen's 2 minute/$500K address tonight will stop the bleeding. It might, if anyone watches it (and if he doesn't lose his $#!# again). That financial advantage just keeps slipping away. More good news for Jim Webb!

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