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Friday, October 06, 2006

George Allen May Be All Hat and No Cattle but He Sure Has a Lot of Bull$#!#

"In the weeks ahead, it is my hope to have an invigorating debate worthy of our rich history." - George Allen 10.2.2006

Well, Allen didn't even wait a full week to throw debate under a truck in favor of rolling out a "new" attack ad against Jim Webb. (I say new because they keep beating the same dead horse.)

The fact that the Allen Smearboaters keep pounding on one article Jim Webb wrote 27 years ago shows how clean Webb must really be. They can't find anyone to say anything else bad about him.

Let's put this crap to bed, shall we?

Webb wrote the article 27 years ago. He has since apologized repeatedly and on national television ("Meet the Press" and "The Situation Room") for the more coarse aspects of the article.

Jim Webb, on his own accord, fought sexual harassment and opened up more operational billets than any Navy Secretary in history.

What has George Allen done for women?

Why doesn't Allen tell us about some of his positive, constructive ideas?

Answer: he doesn't have any.

His only hope is to make Webb look bad because he can't make himself look good. (That's why he hasn't broken 50% in any recent poll. Not good for an incumbent.) he wants to suppress voter turnout for Webb. We can't fall for his lies.

Why don't you attack Jim Webb's Iraq plan "Senator"? That's an issue. Of course, to attack his plan you would need to have one of your own.

PS: NLS exposes the "Democrat" in Allen's new attack ad as a Pennsylvanian Republican primary voter.

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