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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The George Allen Implosion Continues

Allen staffers assault a man asking George Allen a question.

The guy asked a provocative question. (Did you spit on your first wife?) Kind of a jerk, actually.

However, there are ways to handle someone like that (the first one that comes to mind is "No, I did not spit on my first wife"). You can handle someone like that in a way that makes the questioner look like a total @$$ and makes you look like you are above such garbage.

Allen et al. chose to go another way.

This is bad for Allen. Standing around watching your staff beat a guy's @$$ for asking you a question doesn't look good. Especially when it is on film. (As I have said, cameras are not George Allen's friends.)

PS: Panic is setting in for AllenCo. The next week is going to be ridiculously dirty. Fortunately, Jim Webb is clean so everything they throw at him will be even more ridiculous than last week's novel passages. Enjoy. (And keep working.)

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