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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Die Already, You Old Bastard!

I've bit on stories about Castro's overdue demise before (mostly because I've wanted them to be true), so I know that this may be another tease but:

TIME is reporting that US intelligence officials say Fidel Castro may be dying of cancer.

I know it is un-Christian of me to say this but I really hope this is true and I really hope he is suffering. Too bad this didn't happen 50 years ago.

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Comments on "Die Already, You Old Bastard!"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:12 PM) : 

What exactly do you hate about Fidel? What has he done to the US in the last 30 years?


Blogger Catzmaw said ... (4:32 PM) : 

Make no mistake about this, Anonymous, Fidel's an evil bastard who's had a stranglehold on his people for a very long time. Maybe he hasn't been doing anything to the US, but he's every bit the tyrant. During the 70s I could not understand the pass he was getting from the left for behavior which every other dictator was being excoriated over. After he took over he murdered and jailed thousands of his real and potential opponents, and eventually turned even on many in his inner circle whom he thought posed a possible threat. He's still jailing anyone who slows the slightest opposition. He's run Cuba's economy into the ground. Sure, he blames the embargo, but he's had trade with every other country out there, so how is that an excuse? Any country that has so many thousands of its citizens risking life and limb to leave has some sort of problem.

Now, as for what I'd like to see be done about Cuba: a) lift the damn embargo; it's probably the greatest source of his hold on the country; b) either stop the old "foot on the ground" policy for Cubans (if they make it here and get onto land they automatically stay), or extend it to Haitians and Dominicans, who are not currently entitled to such special treatment.

I'm with Tokatakiya. I won't shed any tears for Fidel.


Blogger Robb said ... (5:10 PM) : 


Here is my response.


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