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Monday, October 02, 2006

Allen's Address: Knee Jerk Response

One word: phony. (Enough with the robotic Presidential hand gestures already.)

He still thinks he's running for President.

"BTW, just in case you missed the helmet and photo over my right shoulder, I am tangetially related to the Redskins. Remember my dad? Huh? Remember?"

Some of it was his fault?

Record as Governor? No thank you.

His Iraq digression made me want to vomit (and not just because of the close up).

He has offered plans in the Senate? Has he done anything? Considering your party controlseverything you should have more than offered plans to point to.

The "energy independence" plan always makes me chuckle. He's had six years in the Senate with energy prices skyrocketing and hasn't done jack. Now he's Joe Energy-Independence.

You want a debate on the issues? OK.

PS: Just saw the new Webb ad. My wife (the Republican) liked it more than Allen's steaming pile. I concur.

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