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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Afghanistan COMMA Iran

I guess the President may be right about Iraq being "just a comma". The Comma between Afghanistan and Iran.

As I talked about the other day, The Bush Administration may be positioning the Navy to attack Iran.

Armchair Generalist has an insightful post today. But he's...

So, the question is: what the heck is going on? There are a significant number of ships moving to the Persian Gulf. This could be the prelude to an attack, or it could be saber rattling, or it could be a normal rotation. I hope for the last option.

It might be time to pull back on the Foley coverage and focus on our failing "diplomacy" with Iran (or, say, the failed state/civil war we've engineered in Iraq). Remember, up until we actually attacked Iraq, the Administration kept saying they wanted a diplomatic solution and we all know how that went.

Once again, George Allen has no clue about how to deal in the Middle East. I am quite certain he would love a first strike on Iran on, say, the 2nd or 3rd of November. Surprise! Be scared! Vote Republican!

I've got a novel idea. Why don't we elect someone (Jim Webb) who actually has a plan to deal with Iraq and Iran? Or we can stick with someone who thinks Iraqi Kurdistan is paradise because you don't need to wear a bullet-proof vest.

PS: Meanwhile, a showdown with a country with actual nuclear weapons looms.

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