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Thursday, September 14, 2006

What Are You For?

Virginia Centrist has a great post this morning about a significant accomplishment of the Webb campaign: destroying George Allen's chances for the Presidency.
Allen's political career has been destroyed. His presidential aspirations are over, and he's a national joke. For the last month, he's been a punch line at political cocktail parties. Worse still, average voters (apathetic people who don't pay much attention to politics) all seem to know about his idiotic statement! This is the best of both worlds. Everyone (except for hard core Republicans in Virginia) across the nation now sees George Allen as a horse's ass. Every news story that has mentioned Allen for the last month has mentioned that he called a minority a monkey. And you can bet that a high percentage of news stories for the next 2 years will make a reference to this.
Absolutely. But don't give up on ultimate victory.

When I first thought about volunteering for Webb I was motivated by making Allen spend as much of his money on this race as possible so as to damage his chances as a Presidential candidate. Make no mistake, if you think Bush is bad (even if you think Bush is good) George Allen would be a nightmare in the White House.

However, the more I've learned about Jim Webb the more I gained confidence in him. I am now fervently pro-Webb, not just anti-Allen. That's what made me get off my lazy butt and volunteer.

Being against something can be motivating but being FOR something is much more powerful. In Jim Webb, we've got someone we can be for.

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