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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sorry, Charlie Brown

The Ward View seems to think that plagiarism by a public official is akin to being shaken down for milk money.

I disagree.

I have seen no explanation of the identical language of the amendments.

Identical language = somebody ripped off somebody (or Allen has a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters somewhere).

I appreciate Senator Durbin's decision to not call out Allen on this in the best interests of the amendment. However, I hope that once the final Defense appropriations bill is approved he will explain what happened.

But, the fact is, Allen took somebody else's work and put his name on it. How is that not plagiarism? It is not just students, tenured Professors would be fired for such an act.

There will be a test for George Allen. The mid-terms will be every debate where he has to explain this (along with the M-word, Welcome to America, Confederate flag, and lynching questions that were already on the list).

The final exam will be November 7th.

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