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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Senator" Allen's Trigger

Like I said earlier, the new J-word controversy continues to roll on.

People on the right are accusing Webb supporters of making this into a campaign issue. That doesn't hold water because we Webb supporters aren't the only people talking about this (as I detailed this morning).

The bottom line with this incident is Allen lost it. He keeps behaving in an unacceptable manner for a US Senator. He unleashes tirades in front of crowds and when he is looking directly into cameras that he knows are taping him!

(I'm going to go off topic for a minute but I'll bring it back to the matter at hand, I promise.) A lot of people blame TV or music for people's bad behavior. Columbine? Those kids listened to Marilyn Manson (that would make me want to kill someone too: Marilyn Manson). The movie "Natural Born Killers" supposedly inspired a crime spree in Oklahoma. Some people even blame the news for making people act violently.

Its important to remember that music, movies, and TV can't make people commit crimes. These people were already predisposed to criminal acts before they turned on the stereo. The media is the trigger for their acts. If the media wasn't there, they would gravitate toward another trigger.

(Back to my point.) Senator Allen clearly has an anger problem. Who's fault is that? Certainly not Jim Webb's. Having a tracker with a camera in his face, or having a reporter ask him a question he clearly did not want to answer are just triggers to his angry, bullying behavior (which has been well documented including by Allen's own sister).

So, what will set Allen off next? Can we trust a man this ill-tempered in the deliberative body of the US Senate? And God-forbid the Presidency?

PS: CNN had a report on just now about the J-word incident that fulfills exactly what I said today. Basically it said: Allen embarrassed about Jewish heritage, he said M-word, he has anger issues. Now Blitzer and Bob Franken are laughing about it. Allen is rapidly devolving into a punch-line.

Update: This post was included in the Daily Kos Election Race Diary Roundup for 9.20.2006. That's 2 for me!

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