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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Please Tell Me What Bush Has Done That Is Good

I'm serious. This is not a joke. I really want to know. Please comment on something the President has done that is positive. I only request that you leave out the Iraq War (as we know that this is the most divisive issue of our times), the War on Terror, and the tax cuts (unprecedented during wartime). We all know about those anyway. I want you to tell me something I may not know about. Don't be jerks, I'm trying to learn here. Please be specific. "Made us safer" will not pass muster.

I'll even start the ball rolling with the only thing I could think of that I think has been positive:

George W. Bush has done more to combat AIDS in Africa than Reagan, Bush I, and Clinton combined. The money that he has gotten for Africa has saved lives and improved the quality of life for millions. (Unfortunately, this has to be qualified to because abstinence only program requirements have forced people in Africa to fight with one hand tied behind their backs. Plus the new USAID administrator seems to think we should stop treatment and only do prevention. That's not good.) This is something Bush has done that can be applauded, even if it doesn't go far enough.

(Before anyone thinks a Bush love-fest is breaking out over here, remember I said that this was the only positive thing I could think of.)

So, please, I AM ACTUALLY SERIOUS. Please give me concrete examples. I think it could be enlightening.


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