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Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Allen Ad "Fiction": Swing and a Miss!

The Allen campaign is pissing more money away on a new attack ad. [I'm not posting it on my site because I don't put crap up here.]

Let's look at this closely, shall we?

First they call Webb a "fiction writer" - Ouch. Good who... read...books. (Clearly not Allen's core constituency.)

The ad emphasizes that it was 20 years ago that Webb served in the Reagan administration. Which is such a long time ago that it couldn't possible be relevant nowadays, right. Not nearly as relevant as a magazine article Jim Webb wrote 27 years ago, to be sure. The Allen camp lives in the present (and by the present I mean 1860).

The ad implies that Jim Webb was only in the Reagan administration for 10 months, which is not exactly true (and by "not exactly true" I mean "completely false".)

From Jim Webb's bio: [Emphasis mine.]
In 1984 he was appointed the inaugural Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, where he traveled extensively in, and worked closely with, our NATO allies. As the Assistant Secretary he directed considerable research and analysis of the U.S. military's mobilization capabilities. In 1987 he became the first Naval Academy graduate in history to serve in the military and later be appointed Secretary of the Navy. He resigned as Naval Secretary in 1988 after refusing to agree to a reduction of the Navy's force structure during congressionally-mandated budget cutting.

The ad says, "Webb attacked Reagan policy". The policy of slashing the Naval budget by $12 billion (in 1987 dollars). So, apparently, Jim Webb was too defense minded for Ronald Reagan.

Let's see what President Reagan had to say about Jim Webb when he resigned: [Emphasis mine]
February 23, 1988

Dear Jim:

It is with regret that I accept your resignation as Secretary of the Navy, effective February 22, 1988.

During the past four years, you have served our country with honor and courage, just as you have throughout your distinguished career. As my first Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, you played a major role in revitalizing the reserve components of our Armed Forces. You were instrumental in restoring confidence and pride in one of our most noble national traditions -- the concept of the American citizen-soldier.

Since taking the helm a year ago as Secretary of the Navy, you continued to press forward the highest standards of excellence throughout the Navy and Marine Corps. From the most remote outposts to the lecture halls of Annapolis, your commitment to the quality of our military capability and the well-being of our men and women in uniform has been undivided.

As your service to this Administration comes to a close, I want to thank you for the selflessness and loyalty that you have always personified. In the end, it is these qualities that will ensure that freedom endures in this generation and in every generation to come.

Godspeed in all your endeavors.


Ronald Reagan
The Great Communicator was great at communicating how much respect he had for Jim Webb. Don't be jealous. I'm sure if "Senator" Allen was anything like Jim Webb, President Reagan would have liked him too.

Then they trot out the letter from the Reagan Library which makes it clear that Nancy Reagan never saw the Webb/Reagan ad.

Next they point out that some of Webb's campaign advisors called Reagan an "ignorant fool". This is unfortunate, however, it doesn't change the fact that President Reagan respected Jim Webb and Jim Webb respects President Reagan.

"I'm George Allen and I approved this message." And you paid for it, too. Good use of funds, "Senator". Thanks for spending your money on increased name recognition for Jim Webb. (Speaking of which...)

"Oh, and by the way, sorry again about that M-word thing."

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Comments on "New Allen Ad "Fiction": Swing and a Miss!"


Blogger zen said ... (1:17 PM) : 

Nice post. Thanks for pointing out the lies, many of omission. Seems if Allen's ads filled in the gaps it would be a great ad for Webb.
It also tries to shame Webb for not obeying Nancy Reagan. It doesn't say that she never even view Webb's ad before writing the letter to call it "negative."


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