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Friday, September 22, 2006

Musings From V: "I Know What I Smelled and That Wasn't No Brimstone"

V weighs in on Hugo Castro, I mean Chavez:
So Hugo Chavez gets up at the UN, in New York City, enjoying a freedom of speech that he denies most Venezuelans, and calls W the Devil. And talks of the smell of sulfur W left behind. This is funny on many levels, but here's a thought. See, during the really good times in this country, America was the Great Satan. Remember those days? I think that when we were disliked as a nation, it was indeed largely due to the envious resentment to our prosperity as a whole. The average American was well off and happy, and we were exporting freedom through McDonalds and Coke and Nike and Hollywood. People over the world were picking up on it, and leaders of communist countries and banana republics and religious-wingnut countries were unhappy because of it. Now we are spreading "freedom" through bombs. And we have CEOs and Wall St firms hogging a disproportionate amount of wealth and the average American worker getting the shaft. The hardworking people of our country get neither quarter nor credit --- and the President is hogging the "Great Satan" status. I want this country to get back to being the "Great Satan" collectively, dammit. Because that usually means the people are doing well and freedom is spreading in the correct fashion.

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Comments on "Musings From V: "I Know What I Smelled and That Wasn't No Brimstone""


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:15 PM) : 

You have got your facts so wrong. Obviously you have never been to Venezuela...There has been no shutdown of the spite of the US spending lots of money to spew out anti-chavez propaganda sow there.

Chavez is a democratically elected leader who enjoys a 92 percent favorable rating among his people... Astounding yes...but when the carbdoard homes became brick homes with computers with internet...and healthcare for all venequelans the people definitely like what they are getting.

They want the US gringos to stay out of their country and this should be respected....unfortunately the US wants to get rid of Chavez and put in their own South American version of a Saddam Hussein.

Americans are so ill informed on what our governemnt is doing around the world to everyday folks in other countries...It's truly disgusting!!

The US lost the moral high ground in the world today...and until the neocons are gone we don't stand a chance to ever be seen as decent and good in the eyes of other nations...



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