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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

J-Word: Day 3, M-Word: Day 38

I've gotten bored with this Allen-Jewish-Heritage story faster than I got bored with the M-word. So, hopefully, this will the last time I will feel compelled to write about it.

But it is just so bizarre.

At first, I thought "Senator" Allen's press release dealing with the incident was the way to go. They learned from their past mistakes and were not going to kick up a fuss about this one. Well, kinda.

This morning (again on the front page) the Washington Post has a story entitled Allen Says He Embraces His Jewish Ancestry. Fantastic, good for him. But, I guess I spoke too soon when I said they learned from their mistakes because in the article we are treated to Allen's campaign manager, Dick Wadhams, (again) blasting the media and (again) blaming the Webb campaign for causing this controversy. (As I've asked before, how does Webb manage to make Allen lose his mind on camera?)

Allen's folks clearly don't know when to let well enough alone. If I wanted Allen to win, I would be clamoring for them to be fired. (Why are none of Allen's supporters saying this? They've "managed" this campaign from a double-digit lead to a statistical tie - and are soon-to-be trailing. Also, I haven't heard anyone trotting out their old "The Webb campaign is the worst campaign ever" chesnut in a while. I wonder why that is?) Fortunately, I want Allen to lose so I say, "Stay the course, 'Senator'. Its what you're good at."

I am personally dubious that Allen only recently found out that his grandfather was Jewish. Do I know one way or the other? Of course not. However, that is just another oddity in this bizarre event.

This morning, the RTD brings us by far the most bizarre comments I have heard in this campaign. (Which is saying something.) More bizarre than I made up the M-word, it was a play on Mowhawk, I was calling the kid a $#!#head. This one takes the cake:
"Speaking with The Times-Dispatch, Allen said the disclosure is 'just an interesting nuance to my background.' He added, 'I still had a ham sandwich for lunch. And my mother made great pork chops.'"
Oh. My. God.

"And I washed down that meat with a tall glass of milk...and some shellfish...ON CHRISTMAS DAY!"

Thank you, "Senator". We now return you to your regularly scheduled implosion.

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