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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Because It Will Amuse Me

I've decided I want to have more fun here.

So, I'm starting 2 new quasi-regular features:

1. Evening Chuckle. Ala last night, I will try and post some amusing YouTube clip every night. Check back later tonight for a classic "Even Stepvhen" from the Daily Show.

2. Trivia Quiz for Manhood. I know my friends will LOVE this. When I lived in Atlanta, all my friends and I would go to bars and play "Team Trivia" for Bar Dollars (why do you think it took 6 1/2 years for me to graduate?). Basically, I will put up trivia questions and you answer them in the comments section. The winner gets recognition of being the cat who knows the most crap about nothing - I WILL give you credit when I post the answers. All are invited. Wingnuts, Moonbats, and whatever other dehumanizing names we give each other so we don't have to deal with one another like actual people. Leave that crap at the door- this is real, this is trivia. Ladies welcome, too. Don't let the name throw you. I haven't decided how regularly yet and I will explain the name later as it itself is one of the first questions. Stay tuned.

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