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Monday, August 14, 2006

YSK: Jim Webb v. George Allen - Virginia Senate Race 2006

I have tried to keep my blogs as apolitical as I could. ROBBLOG is about science and I do not think that science is best served by politicization. This site has also been about conveying information. I'm sure that some people would say I have a certain slant but partisan preaching has never been my goal.

Having said that, you may have noticed that I recently added an ad for Jim Webb for Senate. This is because I believe he would be an infinitely superior Senator to George Allen. I will go into why in greater detail between now and election day (November 7 - mark it on your calender). I was going to announce this with a more substantive explanation of why, but Senator Allen has made a huge mistake.

At a campaign stop, Allen called a Webb campaign worker (a native-born American of Indian descent) "Macaca" and welcomed him to America. According to one blog (that I have been unable to verify from a second source - so grain of salt), "macaca" is a racial slur in Tunisia for dark-skinned people and Allen's mother just happens to be from...(wait for it)...Tunisia.

Honestly, how can anyone want this man to represent them? Racial remark aside, listen to him speak. He can barely form a complete sentence. Nothing he says makes sense. Let's hope this incident opens people's eyes to who George Allen really is.

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