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Friday, August 18, 2006

YSK: I Amuse Myself

OK, I'm kind of a jerk.

I posted a critique of some "humor" on Hampton Roads Politics. Political views aside, if we as a people can't ridicule each other in actually humorous ways, what do we have left?

So, I offered the following responses to "Insider's" Top Ten Ways Jim Webb Can Win:

10. Stay in California
I'm sorry, who's from California?
8. Change the Allen-tailing volunteer to a woman - C'mon, Jim! Democrats gotta call people racists AND sexists to win. Ya missed a whole special interest group!
I didn't realize "women" were a special interest group, I thought they were 51% of the population.
7. Change his campaign theme to "Hakuna Macaca"
"Hakuna macaca"? Seriously? Apologies to "Family Guy" but are there any "Titanic" jokes you wanna make while we're catching these cultural phenomena at the height of their popularity?
4. In every debate, whenever Allen says something, respond with "That's a bunch of macaca."
This one is pretty good.
3. Every time a terror plot is thwarted, change the subject to Allen's race relations.
Yes, do that every time George Allen tries to claim some reflected glory in being tangentially related to the Bush administration who were occasionally briefed on a British foiled terror plot. (Again, comedy gold.)
and the number 1 way Jim Webb can win

1. Get a mohawk!
Mohawks are sweet!

No comment on the rest because they are simply not funny. They don't even walk up to funny to nervously ask it if it comes here often. Yakov Smirnoff wouldn't wipe his @$$ with this stuff.

I covet your scorn.

Then he replied to me:
Criticize "catching these cultural phenomena at the height of their popularity" and then bring up Yakov Smirnoff?


Touche, however I'm not sure if he zinged me or proved my point.

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