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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Turkey v. PKK Update: 8.23.2006

Here is the summary from Turkish and Kurdish media concerning the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) for the last couple of days:

The PKK has been sabotaging natural gas pipelines in Turkey.

PKK members have been captured in Iran.

Turkey is not happy with the way the US is dealing with the PKK in Kurdistan. A handshake deal between the US and Turkey seems to be uneasily holding things together.

The New Anatolian tries to explain the problems the Iraqi Kurds are having dealing with the PKK.

Turkey sees a double standard in the way the US allowed Israel to attack Lebanon to get at Hizbullah but won't let Ankara respond in kind to the PKK in Iraqi Kurdistan. They also reject an IRA or ETA-esque disarmament followed by political dialogue.

Another opinion piece sites a poll in which 90% of Turkish Kurds don't want an independant Kurdistan (I guarantee you wouldn't get that result in Iraqi Kurdistan - I mean, its right there in the name).

Here's something fun: Sean Connery is going to star in a historical movie telling the story of a Kurdish tribe. This could be a rallying point for Kurdish nationalism. Don't laugh. Remember "Braveheart"? That movely led, in part, to the creation of an independent Scottish Parliment. So, you never know.

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