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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This is George Allen's America: Disgusting

Newly released Census data show that 1 in 8 Americans and 1 in 4 blacks live in poverty:
"The survey also showed 15.9 percent of the population, or 46.6 million, had no health insurance, up from 15.6 percent in 2004 and the fifth increase in a row."

"It was the first year since President George W. Bush took office in 2001 that the poverty rate did not increase."

"In all, some 37 million Americans lived below the poverty line, defined as having an annual income below around $10,000 for an individual or $20,000 for a family of four."

"The last decline in poverty was in 2000, the final year of Bill Clinton's presidency, when it fell to 11.3 percent."

"'Among African Americans the problem correlates primarily to the inner-city and single mothers,' said Tanner, adding that blacks also suffer disproportionately from poor education and lower quality jobs."

"Some 17.6 percent of children under 18 and one in five of those under 6 were in poverty, higher than for any other age group."

"Real median household income rose by 1.1 percent between to $46,326 from $45,817 -- its first increase since 1999."

That's right, in the greatest and wealthiest country in human history, 20% of children under 6 live in poverty.

All this coupled with massive tax cuts for the ultra-rich, continued underfunding of education and training programs, and continued rejection of an increase in the minimum wage.

By marching in lockstep with the Bush administration, George Allen has neglected and exacerbated the problems of America's poor.

Are these the Christian values that the Senator claims to believe? The Bible talks about the poor countless times but rarely do people like Senator Allen heed its admonishions. They would rather use the Bible to tell others how to act rather than use it as guide for their own actions.

Jim Webb will work to raise the minimum wage, increase quality education and healthcare for all our citizens.

Help this country get back to giving a helping hand to those who need it so they can improve their lives and, by doing so, increase the greatness of our country.

Vote for Jim Webb.

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