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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pics of the Opening of the Northern Virginia Webb for Senate Office

The Man

Earlier this evening I attended the opening of the Northern Virginia "Webb for Senate " office. It was great to see so many people come out and show support for Jim Webb. People were signing up to volunteer and making donations. A genuine sense of excitement and optimism was in the air. People in the crowd were realistic about the task ahead, it will not be easy to beat George Allen, but everyone knows that it will be worth the effort.

The large group of Webb supporters assembled in the parking lot of the building and Jim Webb walked through the crowd greeting everyone. Then the moment we were all waiting for, Jim Webb’s speech.

He thanked everyone who had volunteered and said how important volunteers were to the campaign. He addressed the recent “macaca” controversy (without using that word, of course) by saying that it was an example of divisive politics (I would say that is putting it mildly). Webb then said how he felt that George Allen making that remark in southwest Virginia did a disservice to the people who live there: his people. The people he wrote about in his book “Born Fighting”. He also took exception to Allen’s inference that southwest Virginia was someplace Webb would never go. Webb then retorted that he had been planning a vacation to southwest Virginia to visit members of his family who live there. He also pointed out that, despite George Allen’s inference that the people of southwest Virginia are as intolerant as Allen himself, the young Indian-American volunteer who was the subject of Allen’s slur stayed the night before the incident with Webb’s cousins - who only live a few miles from the site of Allen’s unfortunate campaign stop.

This retort to Allen’s slur was emblematic of what I was struck by in Jim Webb: understated class. I generally assume that everyone is full of crap; however, in the case of Jim Webb, I am more of a believer after hearing him talk for five minutes than I was before I came. Some people may think that I am just a sucker who was taken in by another slick politician. Well, Jim Webb is no politician and he is certainly not slick. He is too sincere to be slick. He is not running this campaign because he wants to be a US Senator (or President like George Allen), he is doing it because he believes Virginia deserves better than George Allen. I agreed with him before and I agree with him even more now.

Get to know Jim Webb, he is the right choice for Virginia.

I took some pictures at the event but, of course, the battery died in my digital camera. So, I gots what I gots:

The Office

(Presumably) The Webb-mobile

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