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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Macaca: Day 4

Technorati search rankings: #2. macaca (was #1 this morning but JonBenet Ramsay thing bumped it down) #6. George Allen. So, Senator Allen is dropping but "macaca" is holding strong.

Here is a rundown of stories in the Virginia press. My favorite one is the story at the bottom about John McCain stumping with Allen in Norfolk and only drawing 125 people. So, WITH JOHN MCCAIN Allen can only draw 125 people. Wow, what would Allen have gotten without arguably the most popular politician in America? More here in the Post. (The Post will also have a live chat about Allen's remarks at 2pm ET.)

Then this via NLS. Apparently, a tech company, for which Allen was on the Board of Directors, is being sued for some shady dealings that transpired during his tenure.

Allen is trying to mend fences with the Virginia Indian-American population, which is substantial. (Also, here.)

To contribute to Jim Webb for Senate, go here.

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