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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Macaca: Day 3

It looks like this thing isn't going to just go away.

Another front page story in the Washington Post about Allen's remarks and the weak attempts to explain them away.

Salon also has a feature story on the incident.

Also, "The Daily Show" opened with the Allen remarks. Jon Stewart pointed out that it isn't nice to follow George Allen around with a camera because, "George Allen says some really stupid $#!#". See the video here.

On a stupider note (via Wonkette), somebody is selling Macaca related products at CafePress. I'm not endorsing these by the way since they are pretty damn stupid (as Wonkette said, "surely someone can whip up something better than this").

"Macaca" is #2 and "George Allen" is #3 for Technorati searches.

If you want to contribute to Jim Webb for Senate, go here .

PS: Via Not Larry Sabato, this is too funny. My favorite part:
First the liberals called George Allen stupid. Now they say he can speak French. As a conservative, I'm suddenly ready to admit that the French are very smart. So which one is it, you liberal hypocrites? Is he French or is he stupid?

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