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Monday, August 21, 2006

The M-Word: Day 8


First off, the name change. I was listening to the inagural Bearing Drift podcast yesterday (pretty solid all around - lots of good commentary - I only cringed a couple of times) and they made the point that if George Allen's slur was analogous to the N-word than why are people saying it all the time? Point taken. So, its the M-word from now on.

The M-word has dropped off the Technorati Top Searches after briefly surging back to #7 last night.

Govenor Kaine mentioned Allen's remarks to the Indian Association of Virginia.

Also, there was some video of George Allen dressed as a Confederate General and singing about Southern rights in the movie "Gods & Generals". Some people tried to throw this on the pile with the rest of Allen's questionable racial baggage. Look, it was in a movie. Big deal. In my mind the more striking thing is that Allen likes to rip on California (despite being a native Californian and raising a ton of money in the state) and Hollywood specifically. But I guess Hollywood is OK if the "moguls" (BTW, has anybody used that word since the '30s?) are putting you in a movie. It speaks more to hipocrisy than anything else.

Oh, and its hard to blame him for taking the role as this was the only time he's ever gotten close to wearing a uniform.

Update 11:15 AM: The LA Times has an editorial castigating Allen's comments.

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