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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jim Webb on Real National Security, Part 1

I've been wanting to put more Jim Webb info up here rather than George Allen BUT when a guy does what he did...what are you gonna do?

Here are some solid, constructive ideas for making our country safer and actually supporting our troops from Jim Webb:
August 16, 2006
As George Allen Campaigns with Veterans…
Jim Webb Still Waiting for Senator to Introduce GI Bill

(Arlington)—As George Allen joins John McCain later today at an event to rally veterans, we ask once again why George Allen refused to introduce Jim Webb's GI Bill?

At the Virginia Bar Association debate last month, Jim Webb encouraged George Allen to introduce a comprehensive GI Bill that advocates for veterans of the Global War on Terror and is comparable to the GI Bill veterans received after World War II.

"George Allen claimed that he wouldn’t be able to introduce this important piece of legislation because 'the Senate moves at the pace of a wounded sea slug,'" said Webb spokesperson Kristian Denny Todd. "George Allen found the time to co-sponsor legislation to honor National Day of the American Cowboy, but refuses to find the time to support important legislation rewarding our men and women in uniform."

Webb, a Vietnam veteran, former Secretary of the Navy, and former committee counsel to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, has sharply criticized today’s "Montgomery GI Bill" benefits for veterans as "a pay-for-benefits program that was designed for the peacetime, all-volunteer military, which does not do justice to the service of those who have served on active duty after September 11th."

The present GI Bill requires servicemen and women to have their pay reduced by $100 a month for at least a year. Its maximum benefit is approximately $800 a month. By contrast, World War II veterans received full tuition benefits, plus the purchase of all textbooks, and a monthly living stipend.

"Veterans of all wars should know that George Allen didn't think it worthy of his time to introduce a GI Bill that could help thousands of veterans attend college and better their lives in return for their dutiful service," said Denny Todd.

To contribute to Jim Webb for Senate, go here.

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