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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Huffington Post: Only Semi-Incompetent

I was just about to write about how Ariana Huffington's unhealthy obsession with Joe Lieberman is taking away space from pounding on George Allen, when the Huffington Post added this to its way-below-the-fold coverage of George Allen's "macaca" comment. It is a rehashing of accusations made by Allen's sister of what a sadist he was growing up.

While I'm not sure how this is "Just In", at least they have started to make an effort.

They chose to not post my comment this morning asking why they are spending more time on a race between two Democrats than on a race that could decide control of the Senate . I doubt my two comments in two days shamed them into dusting off this old story about Allen, but at least they are trying.

Go over there and start asking why they aren't making a bigger deal out of this. It's ridiculous.

In other news, NLS is saying that George Allen's staff are getting some ridiculous marching orders.

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