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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

TOKATAKIYA: Things You Should Know

Welcome to my new site. I have decided to start Tokatakiya as a sister site to my original project ROBBLOG: Science News & Opinion. I started ROBBLOG to help keep people (and myself) informed about scientific developments and help to explain some things that I found particularly interesting or important. That is still the goal over there. However, I increasingly encounter things of which I was previously unaware or that I feel people in general are unaware. These things run the gamut from economics, to politics, to international affairs (and of course, science).

So, to simplify: if I find something I think more people should know about, I will write about it here. ROBBLOG will keep on doing what it does: all science, all the time. As always, comments are appreciated.

Basically, people need better information. Hopefully, you will find some here.

Remember the Lakota proverb:
"Tell me, and I will listen.
Show me, and I will understand.
Involve me, and I will learn."

And the great philosopher Kelli Bundy
"To be forewarned is to have four arms."

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